Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Light Cameras

Too bad the vocal minority has slowed the spread of red

light cameras. These cameras reduce the traffic death rate from

T-bone accidents. Initially rear end accidents may increase,

until the perpetual bad drivers are harnessed. The rear end

collisions are caused by a combination of excessive speed, following

too close, inattention to driving, causing an accident. All of

these are violations. Once the perps have amassed enough violations

and fines, their habits will be changed . Then we will all be safer.

There is absolutely no excuse for running the red lights,

with cameras. Warning signs are posted alerting drivers which

intersections have the cameras. Feeble excuses, like it was a fast

yellow, I wasn't driving the car, only an officer who is a eye witness

should issue be able to issue a ticket,-- are irrational.

They're only doing it for the money, is a plaintive cry of

the violators. Well hooray! The violators are largely responsible

for higher insurance rates, so they owe it to their fellow citizens.

The yellow signal is based on the posted speed limit and

set by DOT, not the local government.. If you are traveling at or

below the speed limit, you can stop safely. Traveling 5mph over

the speed limit requires hard, but manageable braking. If you're

not driving the car, you are still responsible. You can collect the

fine from the one you let use the car. You are not assessed points.

And- you can get a parking ticket, or have your car towed without

involving a uniformed policeman. Their time could be better spent.

The suggestions to increase the yellow light times isn't

very bright. It will just result in more cars trying to get through

the yellow light, then after more tickets, more cries for increasing

the time for yellow lights, ad infinitum.

Right turns, after a FULL stop, are another matter and a

little discretion is needed. Violations of this type, should be

protest-able. Sometimes it necessary to creep up on the intersection,

in order to see traffic. However, when through traffic has to brake,

for right turn traffic, a ticket is in order.

The real problem and need for red light cameras is speed.

I have close friends and relatives that freely admit to having a

lead foot and laugh about it, but its really a serious matter. They

have voluntarily decided they don't have to obey the law, or they

can pick and choose which laws they want to obey. These are the

same people who decry the evil lawbreakers, who won't yield to

them, in the left (passing) lane.

In reality, we need more red-light cameras to cut down

on the ridiculously high traffic fatalities. We kill a lot more

people on the road each year than the terrorists did on 9/11.

Cameras could even be used on the Inter-state to control

speeds. Most drivers obviously figure they can drive 10 mph

over the speed limit, and not have to worry about a ticket.

Some more adventurous speeders will tack on another 5 or

10 mph, if they closely watch out for cops.

If there was tighter control of traffic speeds,

(fast and slow) then traffic speeds could be safely increased

for all. Traffic that couldn't maintain the speed limit would

then be shuttled off to alternate routes. Then we wouldn't

have to get upset when someone is just cruising in the

passing lane.

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