Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marko Rubio

Marko Rubio

I don't quite know what to think about 


He seems like a real nice young man. He 

is an excellent speaker and obviously 

intelligent. The hard work of his 

immigrant parents to raise and

educate him is a true tribute to 

realization of the American Dream. Well 


I think he could probably be very

successful in anything he tries, 

but I worry about him. 

First of all, he is a product of the Florida 

Legislature which has been totally 

Republican controlled for years. Our 

legislature does not have the

best reputation for honesty and 

openness, and,

in the legislature they don't even bother 

to “compromise” with Democrats. Marco 

was used to getting his way, with little or 

no effort.

Although, not really a Tea Party member, 

he has been swept onto the forefront of 

the national scene by the movement and 

may feel some allegiance. This worries 

me. Politicians need to know how and 

when to compromise.He has 

demonstrated that he will not. I'm 

also worried about some of his speeches, 

which are eloquently done. However, like 

politicians on both sides of the aisle, he 

sometime speaks with forked tongue, 

regurgitating party mantra of half-truths 

and outright lies. In one speech

he praised Medicare for saving his father.

Couple days later, another speech, he 

wants to do away with medicare.

I think he's smart enough to know 

something about economics. If you need 

to create jobs, you can create make work 

projects like CCC and WPA, or you need 

to create a demand for products and 

services. This is sometimes done

by, cutting taxes on producers and/or

consumers. Bush 2, successfully did this 

with his first cut or taxpayer rebate, 

which provided a small pick-up in 

spending. Obama, tried the Stimulus, to 

increase consumer spending,

( Marco falsely called a total failure) which

CBO scored as creating 1.2 million jobs 

and probably saved, at least temporarily, 

more jobs. However, the Stimulus was 

not as successful as it should have been. 

Too many “non-shovel ready” jobs were 

really just political pork for members of 

both parties. 

Actually the Stimulus was not big 

enough. (I give Mario a “D” for his 


It may be that the economy crash of 2008 

was so severe that it was very close in 

intensity to the Great Depression and the 

economy may take nearly as long to 

recover. However, one of the things that 

extended the depression, was Roosevelt's 

change in tactics in 1937,

when he sharply curtailed spending at the

urging of Republicans, and some 

Democrats on his staff. This was an 

immediate catastrophe that was only 

overturned by the massive spending for 

armament preparing for WWII.

There are two things that are

counterproductive during a recession.

Increasing taxes, and cutting spending. 

Due to our enormous debt, it needs to be 

controlled, and brought down, but during 

the time of a very anemic recovery, 

drastic near term cuts

are counterproductive. Cutting taxes on 

the consumers might be helpful to 

stimulate spending, but cutting taxes on 

the wealthy producers, just doesn't make 

sense and Marco should know this. The 

wealthy, and corporations currently have 

plenty of money to hire, but there is no 

demand for their products and services. 

They didn't accumulate or retain

money by being dumb.

Marco knows, or should know, that now 

is not the time for draconian action, like 

failing to increase the debt ceiling, and 

simultaneously cutting spending . The 

ceiling needs to be raised, and the cuts 

need to be further in the future. The 

wisest move for the present, would

be to let expire the Bush tax cuts (for the 


The Balance Budget Amendment might 

also be a good idea, but not while you're 

trying to dig your way out of a hole 

created by generations of politicians. The 

current crisis is self made

and just being exploited to defeat 

Obama, country be damned. The 

Balanced Budget Amendment could have 

been initiated when the Reps were in 

total control, or when they are again.

I would feel a lot better about Marco, if 

some of John McCain would rub off on 

him. John sometimes is a little irrational, 

but he loves his country, and when he 

sees his party, or an individual, acting 

against the best interest of

the country—he speaks out. Marco 

appears to be falling in line as a political 

hack, putting his career and his party 

above all his constituents

(which are not only republican, but 

democrat, and independent also). and the 

best interest of America. I hope he 

realizes this soon, before

he takes a leadership role.

Unfortunately Marco's father died last 

year and now his mother is extremely ill. 

My sympathy goes out to him and his 

family and I hope his mother has a 

speedy and full recovery, and

perhaps these unfortunate events will 

soften his rather strident views regarding 

the less fortunate among us.  

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