Tuesday, August 23, 2011


That'll make some sort a chant we can use in

the next world soccer championship.

The USA is now ranked 15th in the civilized world

for infrastructure. In education we rank 14th

out of 34, for reading skills, 17th for science and a

below-average 25th for mathematics, and 37th

in health care according to the World Health

Organization in 2000.

Why do we now eschew being number one?

I find that unacceptable.

Thirty-forty years ago, we were number one

in just about everything. What's happened?

Well, we made the conscious decision that

we didn't need to spend any more money on

these endeavors, than was absolutely

necessary. We were concerned only with

national defense and our own personal creature

comforts. Despite warnings from President

Eisenhower (R.)

to beware the military industrial complex, we

didn't listen. We have become engrossed in our

own selfish interests. We do have the worlds

dominant military power, and the worlds

money power,

but at what cost?

The greatest generation through cooperative

fighting, education, entrepreneurship, and

infrastructure, gave us the greatest country of

all time, because of a strong middle class.

If you check the tax rates, you'll see that this

dramatic rise in our economy and well being was

done with high maximum tax rates of 40-90%.

That didn't impede our growth, it stimulated it.

However, the greatest generation spawned the

“me” generation. They wanted to give to their

kids the things they never had and couldn't

afford. The “me” generation got used to the

pampering and is taking down the country

through thoughtless self interests. They say

they want to return to the constitution. Yeah sure,

Do we all get slaves? Will we let women vote?

They overlook the very beginning of the

Constitution. It says “We the People”,

not “I the Individual”.

We still have the finest military, but we

aren't willing to spend the necessary money

on education or infrastructure. We let our

unregulated financial institutions destroy

our economy with their greed.

Half our people can't earn enough to qualify

for paying income tax and this didn't just

happen with our current or last President.

It's been a trend for years.

We no longer look out for each other,

like our troops do. They help each other up,

and kick slackers in the butt and they fight

for all of us, not just the well to do, like me.

We have homeless and hungry children all

over our country. Most, not all, have parents

who are trying desperately to help, but have

no job, or only minimum wage.

Government employees are under constant

attack by the “me” generation. Granted the higher

level employees get gracious remuneration,

but most do not. It has become unfashionable

to be a loyal employee and remain for an

entire career in government or the

private sector. “Make 'em save for their own

retirement and healthcare.” The employers,

in turn, no longer have any loyalty to the

employees that have made them successful.

I read a blog a few weeks ago by a man who

was extremely proud of himself. He was entirely

self-made. Never got any help from anyone.

He was making 40K and saving 4 ½ % every

month. I say congratulations to him, but he's

going to need a lot more than that if he ever

expects to retire, or has a family serious illness.

Our country, previously, has asked and even

demanded individuals to sacrifice. In war time,

it has been the young and strong we call upon to

defend us. I see no reason why, in difficult

economic times, we cannot call upon the more

affluent to chip in a little extra. It's not like

they are being asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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