Friday, November 11, 2011

Kinda makes you smile

The  photographer did a great job of matching up the 

kids and dogs. This is absolutely  adorable!! 


A  friend is someone who fills our lives with  beauty,

joy, and grace.

And  makes the world we live in a better

and happier  place.

There  is a miracle called friendship, that dwells

in  the heart. You do not know how it happens or 

when it gets its start.

But  you know the special lift it always brings.

You  realize that friendship is the world's most 

precious gift!

Let  old friends know you haven't forgotten them,

and  tell new friends you never  will. 

They help  out around the  house...

They  protect our  children..

They look  out for the smaller  ones...

They show  us how to relax...

They  'converse' with each  other.

They help  you when you're  down...

They are  great at decorating for the  holidays..

They have  'great'  expectations.

They are  Patriotic.

They are  happy to 'test' the  water.

They love  their 'teddies'

They know  who's BOSS.

AND - They  know when we need a

good  LAUGH!


It is done  by moving the corners of the
mouth  upward.

LET ME SHOW  YOU HOW..............


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