Saturday, March 5, 2011


A recent poll indicated 51 % of Republicans thought President Obama is not a U.S. Citizen, and 30% believed him to be a Muslim. Just how stupid or immoral are Republicans?

This is an image of his Certificate of Live Birth which, as it states, serves as prima facie evidence of birth in any court proceeding. [HRS 338-13(b), 338-19] A poor forgery of a Kenyan certificate was disclaimed in court,and the perp fined. Three years ago Honolulu's 2 newspapers also duly verified the birth. And the hospital has repeatedly verified it. They are so fed up they won't even talk about it anymore.

For those intelligence challenged individuals, you can check out more of the proof here: I know, Soros funded (not managed) it. OK Try This is a conservative site funded by the Annenberg Foundation .

Every couple of weeks, I get an e-mail proclaiming proof that he was born in Kenya, and Supreme Court is about to strip him of his presidency. The perpetuators of these myths are either liars, plain ignorant, or both. Fox and talk radio have done this repeatedly in the past and Republican leaders have

coyly said they believe Obama is an American, but everybody can decide for themselves. What a monumental cop-out. Huckabee has recently talked about Obama “growing up in Kenya”, trying to perpetuate the lies.

Gingrich and others have done the same.

Even though the 10 commandments are located in the old testament, any real Christian knows they should not bare false witness. People who continue to spread these lies are either just plain stupid, or liars (take your choice).

Although in “Acts” Jesus says not to criticize you leader, I don't think he meant you couldn't disagree. There appears to be no moral problem with saying his actions are destroying our country (if that's what you believe), but when saying he is trying to or wants to destroy our country, the speaker or writer is implying they have supernatural or Godly powers. Poking fun at the President and strenuously disagreeing with him is fair game, but malicious lies only intended to denigrate the President and and the Office of the President, is vile, un-American, and un-Christian.

The muslim tag is equally ridiculous. You don't become a Christian or Muslim just because you have a Christian or Muslim parent. You have to be a believer and profess the faith, which Obama has done. Sean Hannity,

is one of the skeptics, or liars, when he frequently uses the “tag”, despite the months of criticizing Obama for attending Rev. Wright's church for over 20 years and Obama has frequently professed his Christian faith.

I certainly don't agree with everything the President has done but he was duly elected, and lies and misrepresentations should not me used to simply smear him. Even now he still represents millions of Americans' values.

Republican politicians have repeatedly been critical of the “Stimulus” saying it has done no good, while smiling and going to groundbreaking ceremonies funded by it. Here, Gov. Jindal ®, is speaking at the groundbreaking for I-12 widening-(worth $26 million to the La. Economy)

Gross hypocrisy. I agree that the stimulus didn't do all it could, or should. Shovel ready projects were frequently not shovel ready. Their continuous tirades against everything the Obama administration attempts to do to revive the economy, causes doubt which has a stifling effect. Defeating Obama is more important to them than helping America. Incidentally, for the uninformed the stimulus did keep many on the payroll, which did prevent even higher unemployment figures. That would of course have delighted the Republican politicians who place party above country. They have repeatedly stated their primary goal is to make sure Obama doesn't get a second term. I would have hoped their primary goal would be to help our economic recovery. They are certainly not patriotic.

The Republicans have already redistributed the wealth to the extent that the middle class is in the death throes.

They continue to force people lower and lower on the economic ladder, to enrich themselves. They fight increases in minimum wage, restrict healthcare to the “worthy”, not the unwashed masses. Someone can't make it on their own, push them down in the mud and move on.

Some good hardworking Republicans with good jobs and good health that are “self made” men and women, will realize their mistake, when they get to retirement age and don't have at least a million bucks in their retirement portfolio, or 401k. They may not realize that accidents and illnesses happen. That children grow up and want cars and help in college. That circumstances may cause them to cut back on their saving. That million bucks a few years in the future won't be as valuable as it was or is now. They won't get the promised 10% return that they were promised and if Republicans have their way, there will no longer be a social security safety net. They will be lucky to have $30K/year to live on during future recessions and inflation and the medical expenses that come with advancing age.

The Right to Life group advocate protection of the egg, embryo and fetus, some even advocate murder.

After the child is born, they strenuously object to the use of their taxes for its protection, feeding and healthcare.

Old grayheads in the tea party movement object to any socialization of the country or healthcare for the uninsured, yet accept their medicare and Social Security checks.

Yes, elections have consequences. The Republicans handily won the last election. They certainly outmaneuvered and won the propaganda war against Democrats. They now have a chance to correct what they found wrong with Pelosi, et. al. Now they will be judged as have been all our recent leaders. We seem to vacillate from left to right to left to right, mainly because the extreme values get out more voters. The pendulum is now at the far right. However, the way it works out, don't be surprised if the opposite extremes turn out in the next election. This has been the recent political history of our country. Fortunately the end results end up closer to the middle than either of the extremes. We shall see.

Despite the fact that I am fiscally conservative and currently a registered Republican, I no longer desire to be associated with what has become this reprehensible Republican Party, including the Florida Republican Party, which is rife with corruption. I feel that being associated with people of this ilk, gives tacit approval to their culture of hate, deception, and selfish desires. I shall become an Independent and work against the Republicans until the party regains some respectability and starts to embrace our traditional Christian values and begins to place country ahead of party.

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