Thursday, September 6, 2012

Know who this is?

> Anybody know who this is? > > > > THE PICTURE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA REFUSED TO SHOW THE PUBLIC ! > > > >
> > > > Trayvon Martin at age 17 > > > The media...television continue to show 12 year old Trayvon...NOT 17 year old Trayvon. They continue to show the 5 year old picture because it helps to cement in your mind the little, cute, hoodie wearing youngster who was "stalked" by the monster George Zimmerman. > > In reality,"little Trayvon" at the time of his death stood almost 6'2" tall, weighed 175 muscular pounds, and had numerous run in's with authorities (both at school and local police). He had been stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face because the driver refused to let him ride for free. (He was released because the driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route.) > > When "little Trayvon" was suspended at school it was not only because he tried to bring a little marijuana in with him...he was in possession of wedding rings, watches, and other jewelry that he said he "found" along with a large screwdriver while on the way to school that day. (The jewelry was turned over to the police by the school.) > > Not a single paper has printed RECENT photos of this kid because it wouldn't hold the public's interest in this case - but more importantly, doing so wouldn't feed the race-bating agenda or stir the large white-hating racist population into a frenzy (to create more self-serving news). Not a single paper will admit that this kid was a marijuana dealer...his friends on facebook all say he had the "best plants". Not a single paper will show you any of his recent photos where he shows off a mouthful of gold teeth and all of his tattoos...not a single paper will tell the news like it really is...and they still don't, months later. > > > > > ‹ Previous | Next › | « Back to INBOX © 2012 EarthLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Members and visitors to the EarthLink Web site agree to abide by our Policies and Agreements EarthLink Privacy Policy Web Mail version 6.3.10

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