Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drivers License

I recently had to renew my drivers license.  Since I had only had a Florida Driver's license for about 67 years, it was necessary for me to provide a birth certificate.  So, my SHTW (smokin' hot trophy wife) dug through our archives and found it.  Here's what it looks like----    

I had trouble reproducing it, but the scroll says: Birth Certificate, Your treasure is registered.  If you look real closely you can see a hand written name at the very top.  That's my name,  hand written in ink by my mother.  That is the only place on the document that contains my name.  I guess it's not too strange since I was born in the isolated swamp land of Fort Myers, Fla. in 1930 (A.D.)

The next page in titled Notice of Birth Registration, 
states "Some Reasons Why"  and lists a number of reasons that the document is important To Prove Legal Age, To Prove American Citizenship, and To Prove Legitimacy.  (hmmm, interesting)

The third page lists the birth date and states it was registered in Book no. 7331, page no 16532 in the permanent records of the State Board of Health.    The birth date , book, and page no. are all typed in along with my mother's name and Ft. Myers.  So, I suspect  the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics, in the Florida State Board of Health, did not have my name recorded at that time.  It only knew that my mother had a child on that date and location. 

The last page just had a little poem.

Based on this document,  this nearly 82 year old denizen, was given a license to continue driving for 6 more years. ????  Are you scared yet? Oh! I did have to pass an eye test, which I did with the help of recently removed cataract lenses.  

I was concerned that my Real birth certificate might not be accepted, so I paid to get another from the Florida, Bureau of Vital Statistics.  I had to send them all the information about when, and where I was born, and my name and SS number.  Then they sent me a birth certificate, that looked more like a birth certificate.  However, I was issued my license based on my original document, but the ladies behind the counter passed it around and giggled quite a bit.

I wonder if anybody could just send in a name, date, place of birth, a SS number etc., get a nice new birth certificate.  Probably not!!, But I bet The Donald (Trump), would not accept my real one.

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