Friday, May 4, 2012

A media lynching?

In the evening, the watchman sees a tall individual walking into the gated community. A little strange and there have been recent burglaries. The watchman does not recognize the individual as a resident, another flag. The individual is wearing a hoodie like those seen nearly nightly on robbery videos, another flag. The individual is young and black, also like those seen in a high percentage of the videos. He notifies the police. Doing his job or profiling?
The police say they don't want the individual followed, and despite media representation, there is no evidence of further pursuit. Later there is a confrontation between the two. One is dead, with no marks to indicate a scuffle, the other is alive and had been savagely beaten. Murder or self-defense?
The surviver is treated by medics, then hand cuffed, (arrested) and questioned by police, before being released.
The media and some race baiters make up their own scenario and show an old picture of an angelic looking young boy as the victim of a white (like the President is white) racist, to inflame the whole country and foment a lynching. This wasn't even a “stand you ground” case, it was pure self defense, from a young kid who lost his cool. Tragic all around, but especially because the media decided to invent their own facts.

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