Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fall of the British Empire

Watching the Royal Wedding and proceedings,

I finally began to

understand the unraveling of the British Empire.

Their vast armadas

used to control the seven seas.

Their colonies were all over the world

from Hong Kong, India,

Australia, a good part of Africa, Canada,

and yes even what is now much

of the United States.

How could they have lost so much ground​?

Remember the old movies with Errol Flynn

and others, when the hero

would have to dash off to the hinterlands,

declaring, “I must return to

my Regiment, in India(h).

Compare that with Willy leaving Kate

before the honeymoon, to return

to his RAF unit.

Now think back to old history lessons about

the American Revolution.

The Brits, hired Hessians to do a lot

of their fighting.

Why didn't the Brits do their own fighting?

Well!, re-read the paragraph

above. It appears the leaders of the British,

prefer to dash off, rather

than procreate more leaders.

This has caused a shortage of leaders and a

weakening of their gene pool.

Remember the two little “kisses” Willy

gave to his beautiful bride?

An American would have given her a real “liplock”

and I didn't see anyone kiss the bride.

That's one of the reasons I didn't attend the

royal wedding. Actually, my

invitation was apparently lost in the mail,

so Willie sent an RAF Mirage

over to fetch me.

However, as I told the pilot,

“I told Willie a fortnight ago,

I wouldn't attend if their was no kissing

of the bride, and besides I had a previous appointment—

to receive delivery of my breathing oxygen.

And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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