Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee Time?

I think its time to have a "Coffee Party".
You know-like a Tea Party, but with grown ups.

Now there were some gray heads in the Tea Party movement and they were very concerned about the socialization of America. They liked their

Social Security and Medicare but afraid that if others got the same benefits, they might lose some of theirs. They feared socialization and didn't seem to comprehend that their roads, fire and police protection, community water and sewer systems and a myriad of other conveniences that they use daily, are the products of socialization, or what could be called civilization. You know, the things that separate us from the third world.

Misguided as they were, they were able to help elect a new Governor who had used millions of dollars, which were stolen from taxpayers, to finance his campaign.

After promising to create 700,000 new jobs, the first thing he does after coronation was to announce he was cutting 5% of state jobs, thus exacerbating our unemployment problems. He then turned down over $2 Billion in high speed rail federal funds that would have provided thousands of jobs to unemployed Floridians. He also made no effort to “privatize” the operation of the high speed rail, which could have removed his objection of local taxpayer expense. Guess he was afraid to touch the third rail that his predecessor had-(Obama money). During his campaign, the Governor appeared to be running for a higher office, focusing on national problems instead of State problems. Seem like this is continuing.

The Tea Party didn't oppose allowing a State Senator, that had “put the bite” on Brevard Community College and the University of Florida, to run unopposed, and who repeatedly lied, make that forgot, about large assets and questionable income.

Of course his cohorts on the (non) ethics commission cleared him of any wrong doing.

This is the same guy who wanted oil on our beaches, so he could get into the pockets of big oil, despite the fact the majority of citizens didn't want the drilling, at that time. After the election, he immediately worked to overturn the voter mandate to de-politicize redistricting.

How could he have been allowed to run unopposed? This “conservative” has hired some 16 lackeys with the minimum salary of six figures. What in the world will these people do when legislature is not in session? You know-- raise money. The rest of the legislature does the same thing.

Funny thing is they are supposed to represent us, but they could care less. Their dereliction of duty has caused local governments to hire lobbyists. Yes HIRE LOBBYISTS to represent the counties, cities, and school boards, because the legislatures and their high priced help can't do the job. It's costing the taxpayers extra money to hire lobbyists to talk to our “representatives” Now isn't that something special--for “conservatives”.

The Tea Party had no problem with the allowing the same governing party to remain in power even though it consistently appoints maggots,( that bilk the taxpayers) to the boards and commissions, that sell off or otherwise devastate our water supplies, and are in bed with all the insurance and power companies.

Heard enough??

Time to activate the Coffee Party??

The Tea Party supported some real dipsticks, but some were legitimate candidates and helped to alter the balance of power in Washington. One candidate didn't quite work out like they had hoped. Although strongly conservative, he votes as he thinks is best, not as the party tells him. We need more like that on both sides of the aisle.

A democracy seems to work better when there is an occasional change in leadership. This happens a lot in our national government. For too long we have allowed the Republicans free hand in running our State government. It's not that I am enamored with the Democrats, but we need some restraint in the currently out of control Republicans. Enlistment of Independents or rational Republicans and Democrats, would sure help because the current crop of Florida elected politicians have become the vassals of big money interests and only pay lip service to their constituents. This is comparable to the dictatorial regimes in North Africa isn't it. It's time we alter the balance of power in the State and reject the leaches now running it.

Ready to start the Coffee Party?

Or forget the whole thing--

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