Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Shutdown

 I'm in complete disbelief. I saw and heard Congresswoman Bachman gleefully exclaim after the government shut-down, “I haven't seen this many Republicans smile in a long time.” Then after shutting down the government with the sole intention to prevent millions of Americans from getting a shot at healthcare, they decided to pass a number of bills to exempt some like certain veterans, people who want to visit some National Parks, oh!, and a little girl who needs a operation. Oh!, and we'll pay the furloughed government employees for not working, but civilian contractors and impacted civilian personnel can do without. Our representatives haven't batted an eye at the condition where millions of children will go to sleep hungry tonight, because of their folly.
As a Purple Heart and totally disabled veteran, I am sick in my stomach to think of what my compatriots and I sacrificed for the good of all Americans, only to have greedy self-interested politicians pick-and-choose which of their benefactors they will support. They'll probably be embarrassed enough to eventually pay me, but I would gladly sacrifice that, if they would do what's best for all of us, instead of playing political games.

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