Monday, July 15, 2013

The Persecution of Zimmerman

Shocking! The behavior of the State Prosecutors in the Zimmerman trial. They produced no evidence that Zimmerman's did anything other that protect himself after a brutal beating. Their case was simply a litany of lies, distortions, omission of facts, and character assassination . They produced absolutely zero evidence to positively refute Zimmerman's story, Even the distraught mother, must have realized eventually, that only an idiot would believe the terrorized screams for help came from the one administering the beating. You just don't get so many lumps on the head by love pats and even the prosecutors should realize the beating showed no indication of stopping in Zimmerman's mind. The case should have never gone to court.
The ultimate evil of the prosecution was the slipping in of the manslaughter option for jurors. They hoped that they had created a demented image of Zimmerman and heartfelt sympathy for the grieving mother and that the jurors would bring back a verdict for a “lesser crime”, since they were not aware he would be put away for 30 to life, for defending himself.
I think God has a special place in hell to put prosecutors who sell their souls.

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