Friday, December 31, 2010


Probably my favorite DC politico in Lindsey Graham, maybe it's his South Carolina drawl, or maybe it's because he was in the Air Force, but he usually seems to make sense. I don't particularly care for anyone else in the Washington scene.

He frequently doesn't vote the way I want, but I have to remember the sage advice that my friend Porter Goss told me when we were on the Lee County Commission, “If you do your job right, you will please about 54% of your constituents by your vote---however after about ten votes you will have alienated them all”.

Porter later was a US Rep. & CIA Director.)

I was disappointed when Lindsey said the DREAM act or nothing else about “illegal aliens” would get passed until the border was secured.

Now lets think about border security for a minute. President Bush tried to correct the situation but was blocked by legislators on both sides of the aisle, but he did make funding available for a humongous wall across our southern border. President Obama significantly increased the border patrol and even sent down about 1000 troops. Now with the influx of tea party members, what do you think the chances are that they will allow more funding of any kind to stop the illegal immigration? If anything, there will be less money available. The number of emigrants that were deported in 2010 (over 300,000) will undoubtedly decline. So, it looks like the DREAM Act is dead again, for a while.

This bipartisan Act was first introduced in 2001 and several times since. The latest attempt, sponsored by Durban(D) and Lugar(R) couldn't get the necessary 60 vote majority in the Senate. It would have allowed children (under 16) who were brought into this country by their illegal alien parents, to have an opportunity to become citizens. These children did not break our immigration laws, which is the chief complaint against “undocumented aliens”. If these “children” complete two years of college or military service, along with some other requirements, they would be eligible to become citizens. Our military think it would be a good deal for recruitment.

I realize stopping the illegal immigration is necessary, but until it is curtailed, think of what happens to the innocent children. They are subject to being deported to some land they have never seen or remember, and may not even speak the language. For their entire lives they are in peril.

If Lindsey Graham, is serious about blocking DREAM, he should get serious about immigration reform and quit kicking the can down the street.

He could start by streamlining the path and quota for Mexican workers to legally come into our country. We need them and they need us. It's a myth to think Americans will take the jobs of Mexican workers in our country. Many of our unemployed would be unable to withstand the rigors of weeks of bending over in the fields, or climbing citrus trees. In addition, they wouldn't have time to look for a more suitable job. If streamlining can be accomplished, many migrants will return to their native country so that they can have legal access. That would save us the expense of deportation.

Next, everyone, including migrants must have a valid SS number with a “I” suffix, and be subject to withholding tax, for social security, medicare, and income tax., just like citizens. Duplications could be pick up immediately by SS administrators and provide notification to the employer and immigration. There would be no need to carry “papers”.

However, it's hard to think of our Congress doing anything that makes sense unless they see some political advantage. They don't want to make waves and endanger their lofty position and ridiculous salaries and perks. In the mean time, Senator Graham, I'm awaiting your next 9 votes. Hopefully one will fall my way.

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