Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Take on the elections

My Take on the Election.

With all the ads on TV, you don't know what the real truth is about any of the candidates. However, it's obvious to me that we need some personnel changes. First of all, we need fewer Dems in Washington. I'm not pleased with current batch of Reps, which are just obstructionists. They are just trying to insure Obama's failure and have contributed little of value to the people. We need some new ones. Once they get a bigger stake in the government (like the house and/or senate), they will be accountable and will have to perform and compromise. I always feel it is best when power is divided.

In the Florida statehouse the reverse is true. The Reps have ruled for far too long and we need more Dems for balance. Unfortunately not enough Dems are running. Just the recent past is indicative of how bad things are in Tallahassee. The Republican politicians appear to be having a ball spending taxpayer money and political contributions on themselves. Arrogance and partisanship is rampant, and the best interest of citizens lags way behind lobbyists and wealthy contributers wishes.

Take the government stimulus package for example. It obviously, has not spent the money as wisely as it should have. Shovel-ready projects were not shovel-ready and a lot of the money was spent on projects that would not assist employment. In addition, not all the money was spent. That being said, the stimulus did provide money for thousands of Florida citizens, teachers, fire fighters, and police that would have lost their jobs. Our Florida Reps, including Marco Rubio, would have turned the money down.(let other state have it.) They did not care a wit about the citizens of the state. They just wanted to ingratiate themselves to the Republican party. The Fla GOP dumped Gov. Crist for saving Floridans jobs. Subsequently, the Governor vetoed an inane bill on abortion, and an insane bill that would let the legislature determine which teachers would be fired. (So much for less government intervention). The FGOP also wants near shore drilling and tried to slip it past the citizens. I think it should be up to the citizens of each coast if they want to take the risk, and not the politicians receiving oil money.

In light of the above, I think Gov. Crist deserves my vote for Senate. He has demonstrated he will stand up for the citizens and not be a slave of the Party, either Party. Mr. Rubio, is way too unyielding in his views, which might be acceptable in the House, but is too strident for the more deliberate Senate where compromise is necessary. As George Washington warned, the greatest threat to our country is the inability of our political parties to negotiate. ( greater than threats from other countries,terrorism,financial ruin, socialism, communism, etc. I personally think Mr Meek is a better candidate, but he is as far left as Rubio is right. Either of these candidates will exacerbate the current gridlock in Washington.

Alex Sink is the only rational choice for governor. Despite the ads,

her record is excellent. She worked her way up through Bank of America. As she has stated, she is a fiscal conservative and based on her track record I would have thought she was a Republican. However, she is a Democrat, and we desperately need Dems in Tallahassee to hold the Reps in check. Rick Scott is pure and simple a crook. The 1.7 billion fine his company paid was to keep him out of jail. This was stockholders money and Rick was able to keep his millions and avoid jail. This has been an often used business-govt compromise—to let the corporate crooks go, if they get a big enough settlement, and simultaneously avoid an expensive trial. In addition, Scott seem to think he is running against Obama. If he wants to do that, he's in the wrong race. Sink, by a mile.

Well that's my take on the situation and I'm sure there will be lots of arguments against my selections, but that's what makes this country great, isn't it. And remember this is a democratic republic and not a plutocracy,oligarchy or plutarchy.

God Bless America

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  1. Thanks goodness for DVRs! I fast forward through all the commercials, ESPECIALLY the political ads. I can get all the information I need on the candidates and issues elsewhere.

    More Reps in Washington? When their stated objective is to ensure Obabma's failure? And the nation's? How about more Dems, so it takes more than just one or two to hold legislation hostage until the special interests, that the corporations have bought and paid for, are satisfied?